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Care products

BMW Motorrad recommends that you use cleaning and care products available at your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer. BMW Care Products have been materials tested, laboratory tested, and field tested and provide optimum care and protection for the materials used in your vehicle.

ATTENTION Use of unsuitable cleaning and care agents

Damage to motorcycle parts

  • Do not use any solvents such as nitro thinners, cold cleaners, fuel or similar, and do not use cleaning agents that contain alcohol.

Washing your motorcycle

BMW Motorrad recommends that you use BMW Insect Remover to soften and wash off insects and stubborn dirt from painted parts before washing the motorcycle.

To prevent stains, do not wash the motorcycle immediately after it has been exposed to bright sunlight and do not wash it in the sun.

Make sure that the motorcycle is washed frequently, especially during the winter months.

To remove road salt, clean the motorcycle with cold water immediately after completion of every trip.

WARNING Damp brake disks and brake pads after washing the motorcycle, after riding through water or in the rain

Poorer braking action, accident hazard

  • Brake early until the brake rotors and brake pads are dry.

ATTENTION Increased effect of salt caused by warm water


  • Only use cold water to remove road salt.

ATTENTION Damage caused by high water pressure from high-pressure cleaners or steam-jet devices

Corrosion or short circuit, damage to labels, to seals, to hydraulic brake system, to the electrical system and the seat

  • Exercise caution when using high-pressure or steam-jet devices.

NOTICE Cases and topcases made of aluminum have no surface coating.

The best possible appearance is preserved with the following care: Remove road salt and corrosive deposits immediately with cold water after completing the trip.

Cleaning sensitive motorcycle parts


ATTENTION Use of unsuitable cleaning agents

Damage to plastic surfaces

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing alcohol or solvents.
  • Do not use insect sponges or sponges with a hard surface.

Fairings and panels

Clean trim panel components with water and BMW Motorrad solvent cleaner.

Windshields and lenses are manufactured in plastic

Clean off dirt and insects with a soft sponge and plenty of water.

NOTICE Soften stubborn dirt and dead insects by covering the affected areas with a wet cloth.

Clean with water and sponge only.

Do not use chemical cleansers.


Carefully clean chrome parts with plenty of water and BMW Motorrad Care Products motorcycle cleaner. This is particularly important in the case of road salt.

Use BMW Motorrad metal polish for additional treatment.


Clean the radiator regularly to prevent overheating of the engine due to inadequate cooling.

For example, use a garden hose with low water pressure.

ATTENTION Bending of radiator fins

Damage to radiator fins

  • When cleaning, ensure that the cooler fins are not bent.


Treat rubber components with water or BMW rubber protection coating agent.

ATTENTION Use of silicone sprays for care of rubber seals

Damage to rubber seals

  • Do not use silicone sprays or care products that contain silicone.

Paint care

Washing the motorcycle regularly will help counteract the longterm effects of substances that damage the paint, especially if your motorcycle is ridden in areas with high air pollution or natural sources of dirt, such as tree resin or pollen.

At the same time, you should remove particularly aggressive materials immediately; otherwise changes in the paint and discoloration can occur. These include spilled fuel, oil, grease and brake fluid as well as bird droppings.

BMW Motorrad recommends using a solvent cleaner and then applying a BMW Motorrad high gloss polish to preserve the paint.

Contamination on the paint finish is particularly easy to see after the motorcycle has been washed. Remove this type of soiling with cleaning naphtha or spirit on a clean cloth or cotton ball. BMW Motorrad recommends removing tar stains with BMW tar remover. Then add a protective wax coating to the paint at these locations.

Protective wax coating

Apply a preservative when water fails to bead up on the painted surface.

BMW Motorrad recommends BMW Motorrad high gloss polish or agents that contain carnauba or synthetic wax to protect the paint finish.

Store motorcycle

  • Clean motorcycle.
  • Completely fill the motorcycle's fuel tank.
  • Removing battery.
  • Spray the brake and clutch lever, and the center and side stand pivots with a suitable lubricant.
  • Protect metal and chromeplated parts with an acid-free grease (Vaseline).
  • Park the motorcycle in a dry space in such a way that both wheels are under no load (preferably by using the front and rear-wheel stands available from BMW Motorrad).

Return motorcycle to use

  • Remove the protective wax coating.
  • Clean motorcycle.
  • Install battery.
  • Observe checklist.

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