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Timing Rotor Crankshaft Sensor Oxygen Sensor (Equipped Models) Horn Turn Signal Relay Relay Box ECU Rear Brake Light Switch Regulator/Rectifier Water Temperature Sensor Speed Sensor Alternator Stator Coil Radiator Fan Motor Neutral Switch Oil Pressure Switch Sidestand Switch Fuse Boxes Battery 12 V 8 Ah Starter Relay Air Switching Valve Stick Coils Spark Plugs Immobilizer Amplifier (Immobilizer Models) Starter Lockout Switch Ignition Switch (Immobilizer Model: Including Immobilizer Antenna) Meter Unit Front Brake Light Switch

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Turn off the ignition switch. Remove: Front Seat (see Front Seat Removal in the Frame chapter) Disconnect the negative (-) cable [A]. NOTICE Be sure to disconnect the negative (-) cable first. Slide out the positive (+) terminal cap [B] and disconnect the positive (+) cable [C]. Remove the battery.