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Always wear safety glasses.

Keep children away from acids and batteries.


A battery being charged produces a highly explosive gas, which is why fire, sparks, naked flames and smoking are prohibited.


Avoid generating sparks and electrostatic discharges when handling cables and electrical devices.

Avoid short circuits.


Battery acid is highly caustic, so always wear safety gloves and glasses.

Do not tilt the battery as acid can leak from the ventilation openings.


If acid comes into contact with an eye, immediately flush the eye for several minutes with fresh water. Then immediately visit / call a doctor.

Acid on the skin or clothing must immediately be neutralised using acid converter or soap suds, and the spots must be flushed with plenty of water.

If acid is swallowed, immediately visit / call a doctor.


Do not expose batteries to direct sunlight.

Discharged batteries can freeze, so they must be stored in a place where the temperature remains above 5º- 15ºC.

Professional maintenance, charging and storage will increase the lifespan of the battery and are a condition for the honouring of guarantee claims.


Take a dead battery to a collection point.

Never dispose of one with household refuse.

Charging the battery

After a long lay-up (3-4 months), charge the battery. The charging current (in amperes) must not exceed 1/10 of the battery capacity (Ah).

The battery must not be fast-charged. The battery may only be charged using a special charger approved for MF batteries.


Although the battery is maintenance-free.

Never leave the battery discharged. Keep the battery clean and dry and make sure that the connection terminals are firmly seated.

Removing and installing the battery

Removing and installing the battery


The battery may only be connected or disconnected while the ignition is inactive.

  • Turn off the ignition.
  • Remove the four screw (1) and open the inspection cover (2).

Removing and installing the battery

First disconnect the minus terminal ( 3, black cable ).

  • Disconnect the battery.
  • Remove the battery.

Installation takes place in reverse order to disassembly.

When installing the battery, first connect the plus terminal (4, red cable).

The battery is maintenance-free. Do not try to open it.



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    CAUTION Check or change the spark plug only when the engine is cold. Remove four nuts (1) with washers from the storage. Take off the storage (2) with the seat. Pull the spark plug connector (3). Unscrew the spark plug with the spark wrench from the on-bord toolkit. Check the electrode gap (0.6-0.7mm) replace the spark plug if it is severely burnt away. Use a new spark plug and tighten up. Screw in the spark plug by hand and then tighten up with the spark wrench.

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