Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 - Service manual > Brake Lamp Connectors Assembly

Electrical System / Brake Lamp Connectors Assembly

Brake Lamp Connector - Rear

  • Connect rear brake lamp connector (a) and ensure it is locked properly.

Brake Lamp Connectors Assembly


  • After assembling rear brake lamp switch, check brake light operation.

Brake Lamp Connector - Front

  • Connect front brake lamp connector (a).

Brake Lamp Connectors Assembly

  • After assembling front brake switch. Check front brake operation at Tail lamp

Tail Lamp Assembly

Tail Lamp

  • Gently push bulb (a) and turn clockwise to lock bulb into holder (b).

Tail Lamp Assembly

  • Gently locate lens (a) into tail lamp assembly (b).

Tail Lamp Assembly

  • Locate and tighten 2 Nos. screws (a) into tail lamp lens (b).

Tail Lamp Assembly


  • After assembling tail lamp assembly, check tail lamp operation & brake light operation.

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    Direction Trafficator Bulb - Front Install bulb (a) into holder(b). Install holder (a) along with bulb into lens (b). Locate holder assembly (a) into lens assembly (b). Ensure lock both sides (b) into holder assembly (b). Connect positive (+) connection (a) into trafficator holder pin. Connect ground connection (a) into holder assembly pin (b). Install grommet (a) into lens assembly (b). Install lens (a) along with bulb assembly. Locate and tighten screw along with washer (a) into front trafficator lens RH.

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    Headlamp Housing Holders into Fork Legs Assemble LH & RH headlamp housing holders (a) into front fork legs LH & RH (b). Hold headlamp holders with 58 mm of distance from the steering stem top face. Assemble handlebar clip-on LH and RH. Assemble upper yoke (a) into steering stem. Insert and tighten Hex socket head bolt (M8) (a) on top yoke RH.