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Coolant Level Inspection


  • Check the level when the engine is cold (room or ambient temperature).


  • Check the coolant level in the reserve tank [A] with the motorcycle held perpendicular (Do not use the sidestand).

    If the coolant level is lower than the "L" level line [B], unscrew the reserve tank cap and add coolant to the "F" level line [C].

    "L": low
    "F": full

Cooling System

NOTICE For refilling, add the specified mixture of coolant and soft water. Adding water alone dilutes the coolant and degrades its anticorrosion properties.

The diluted coolant can attack the aluminum engine parts. In an emergency, soft water alone can be added. But the diluted coolant must be returned to the correct mixture ratio within a few days.

If coolant must be added often or the reservoir tank has run completely dry, there is probably leakage in the cooling system. Check the system for leaks.

Coolant ruins painted surfaces. Immediately wash away any coolant that spills on the frame, engine, wheels or other painted parts.

Radiator Hose and Pipe Inspection (coolant leak, damage, installation condition)

  • The high pressure inside the radiator hose can cause coolant to leak [A] or the hose to burst if the line is not properly maintained.
  • Visually inspect the hoses for signs of deterioration.

    Squeeze the hoses. A hose should not be hard and brittle, nor should it be soft or swollen.

    Replace the hose if any fraying, cracks [B] or bulges [C] are noticed.

  • Check that the hoses are securely connected and clamps are tightened correctly.

Torque - Radiator (Water) Hose Clamp Screws: 2.9 N*m
(0.30 kgf*m, 26 in*lb)

Cooling System

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