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Warnings are displayed with appropriate warning lights.

Warnings are indicated by the general warning light in conjunction with a dialog in the TFT display. The universal warning light lights up in either yellow or red depending on the urgency of the warning.

The universal warning light lights up for the most urgent warning.

You will find an overview of the potential warnings on the following pages.

Warning lights

Check Control display

The messages in the display are shown differently in the display.

Different colors and characters are used depending on the priority:

  • Green CHECK OK 1: no message, values optimal.
  • White circle with small "i" 2: information.
  • Yellow warning triangle 3: warning message, value not optimal.
  • Red warning triangle 3: warning message, value critical

Warning lights

Value display

The symbols 4 differ in their display. Different colors are used depending on the assessment of value. Instead of numerical values 8 with units 7, texts 6 are also displayed:

Color of the symbol

  • Green: (OK) current value is optimal.
  • Blue: (Cold!) Current temperature is too low.
  • Yellow: (Low! /High!) Current value is too low or too high.
  • Red: (Hot! /High!) Current temperature or value is too high.
  • White: (---) There is no valid value. Instead of the value, dashes 5 are displayed.

NOTICE The evaluation of the individual values is possible in part only after a certain riding duration or speed. If a measured value cannot yet be displayed due to unfulfilled measurement conditions, dashes are displayed instead as placeholders. As long as no valid measured value is available, no evaluation is carried out in the form of a colored symbol.

Warning lights

Check Control dialog

Messages are output as Check Control dialog 1.

  • If several Check Control messages of the same priority are present, the messages change in the order in which they occur, until they are acknowledged.
  • If the symbol 2 is active, this can be acknowledged by tilting the Multi-Controller to the left.
  • Check Control messages are dynamically attached as additional tabs to the pages in the Vehicle menu. The message can be called up as long as the error persists.

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