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Maintenance / Onboard tool set

Onboard tool set

  1. Screwdriver handle
    • Use with screwdriver insert
    • Topping up the engine oil
  2. Reversible screwdriver insert
    Phillips PH1 and Torx T25
    • Remove light sources in front and rear turn indicators
    • Remove battery cover
    • Topping up coolant
  3. Open-ended wrench
    Wrench size: 8/10 mm
    • Removing battery
  4. Open-ended wrench
    Wrench size: 14
    • Adjust mirror arm
  5. Torx wrench T30
    • Adjusting the gearshift lever from below

Service tool set

- with service tool set OA

Service tool set

For expanded servicing (e.g. fitting and removing wheels), BMW Motorrad has set up a service toolkit designed for your motorcycle. You can obtain the toolkit from your BMW Motorrad retailer.

Front wheel stand

Mount front wheel stand

ATTENTION Use of the BMW Motorrad front wheel stand without an additional center or auxiliary stand

Component damage cause by tipping over

  • Place the motorcycle on the center stand or an auxiliary stand before lifting it with the BMW Motorrad front wheel stand.


  • Place motorcycle on center stand, ensuring that it is resting on a firm and level support surface.
  • Use basic stand with front wheel mount. The basic stand and its accessories are available through your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

Mount front wheel stand

  • Loosen screws 1.
  • Push the two mounts 2 outward, continuing until front suspension fits between them.
  • Use locating pins 3 to set front wheel stand to desired height.
  • Center front wheel stand relative to front wheel and push it against front axle.

Mount front wheel stand

  • Align the two mounts 2 so that front suspension rests securely on them.
  • Tighten screws 1.

Mount front wheel stand

ATTENTION Center stand retracts if motorcycle is lifted too high.

Component damage cause by tipping over

  • When raising the motorcycle, make sure that the center stand remains on the ground.


  • Apply uniform pressure to push front wheel stand down and raise motorcycle.

Engine oil

Checking the engine oil level

NOTICE It is possible to misinterpret the oil capacity as the oil level depends on the temperature.

  • Check that the motorcycle is at operating temperature and place it on its center stand, making sure the ground is level and firm. with HP style OE
  • Make sure ground is level and firm and hold motorcycle at operating temperature vertically.


  • Run the engine at idle until the fan starts.
  • Switch off engine at operating temperature.
  • Wait five minutes to allow oil to drain to the oil pan.

NOTICE BMW Motorrad recommends occasionally checking the motor oil after a journey of at least 50 km in order to reduce the environmental impact.

Engine oil

  • Read oil level on the display 1.

Engine oil

If oil level is below MIN mark:

  • Topping up the engine oil.

If the oil level is above the MAX mark:

  • Have oil level corrected at an authorized service facility, preferably an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

Topping up the engine oil

  • Park motorcycle on a level, firm surface.

Topping up the engine oil

  • Wipe the area around the oil filler opening clean.
  • To be able to apply force more easily, insert the interchangeable screwdriver insert 1 Torx-end first, into the screwdriver handle 2 (from on-board tool kit).
  • Position the specified tool from the on-board tool kit on the cap 3 of the oil filler opening and turn counter-clockwise to remove it.
  • Checking the engine oil level.

ATTENTION Use of too little or too much engine oil

Engine damage

  • Always make sure that the oil level is correct.


  • Top up the engine oil to the specified level.

  • Checking the engine oil level.
  • Install the cap 3 of the oil filler opening.

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