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General notes

The 'Maintenance' chapter describes work involving the checking and replacement of wear parts that can be performed with a minimum of effort.

If special tightening torques are to be taken into account for assembly, these are listed. An overview of all required tightening torques is contained in the chapter "Technical Data".

Information on additional maintenance and repair work is provided in the Repair Manual for your vehicle on DVD, which you can obtain from your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

Special tools and thorough specialized knowledge are required to carry out some of the work described here. If you are in doubt, consult a certified workshop, preferably your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

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- with tire pressure monitor (TPM) OE Operation A sensor located in each tire monitors the air temperature and the inflation pressure inside the tire and transmits this information to the control unit.

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Screwdriver handle Use with screwdriver insert Topping up the engine oil Reversible screwdriver insert Phillips PH1 and Torx T25 Remove light sources in front and rear turn indicators Remove battery cover Topping up coolant Open-ended wrench Wrench size: 8/10 mm Removing battery Open-ended wrench Wrench size: 14 Adjust mirror arm Torx wrench T30 Adjusting the gearshift lever from below