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Maintenance / Fuses

Replace fuses


  • Switch off ignition.
  • Remove rider's seat.
  • Disconnect plug 1.

ATTENTION Bypassing defective fuses

Risk of short circuit and fire

  • Do not bypass defective fuses.

Replace defective fuses with new fuses.


  • Consult the fuse assignment diagram and replace the defective fuse.

NOTICE If the fuses blow frequently, have the electrical system checked by an authorized specialized workshop, preferably an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

  • Install connector 1.
  • Install rider's seat.

Fuse assignment

Fuse assignment

  1. 10 A
    Instrument cluster
    Anti-theft alarm system (DWA)
    Ignition switch
    Diagnostic socket
  2. 7.5 A
    Multifunction switch, left
    Tire Pressure Control (TCP/RDC)

Fuse for alternator regulator

Fuse for alternator regulator

  1. 50 A
    Alternator regulator

Data link connector

Removing the diagnostic connector

CAUTION Incorrect procedure followed when disconnecting the data link connector for the On- Board Diagnostics.

Motorcycle experiences malfunctions

  • Only have the data link connector disconnected by a specialist workshop or other authorized persons during your next BMW Service appointment.
  • Have the work performed by appropriately trained staff.
  • Refer to the vehicle manufacturer specifications.


  • Remove battery cover.

Data link connector

  • Press the hook 1 and lift out the data link connector 2.

Data link connector

  • Press the locking mechanisms 3 on both sides.
  • Remove the data link connector 2 from the bracket 4.
  • The diagnosis and information system interface can be connected at the diagnostic connector 2.

Secure the data link connector

  • Disconnect the diagnosis and information system interface.

Secure the data link connector

  • Plug the seat data link connector 2 into the bracket 4.
  • The locking mechanisms 3 engage on both sides.
  • Connect the bracket 4 to the mount 1.

Secure the data link connector

  • Make sure that the hook 5 has engaged.
  • Installing battery cover.

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