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Maintenance / Jump-starting

ATTENTION Current too high when jumpstarting the motorcycle

Cable fire or damage to the motorcycle electronics

  • Do not jump-start the motorcycle using the power socket, only via the battery terminal.

ATTENTION Contact between crocodile clips of jump leads and motorcycle

Danger of short circuit

  • Use jump leads fitted with fully insulated crocodile clips at both ends.

ATTENTION Jump-starting with a voltage higher than 12 V

Damage to the motorcycle's electronics

  • The battery of the donor motorcycle must have a voltage of 12 V.


  • Park motorcycle, ensuring that support surface is firm and level.
  • Remove battery cover.
  • Do not disconnect the battery from the onboard electrical system when jump-starting the engine.


  • Remove protective cap1.
  • Begin by connecting the red jump lead to the positive battery connection point 2 on the drained battery and the other end to the positive terminal of the donor battery.
  • Then clamp one end of the black jump lead to the donor battery's negative terminal 3 while connecting the other end to the drained battery's negative terminal.
  • Allow engine on support motorcycle to run while jumpstarting.
  • Start engine of motorcycle with discharged battery in usual way; if engine does not start, wait a few minutes before repeating attempt in order to protect starter motor and donor battery.
  • Allow both engines to idle for a few minutes before disconnecting jumper cables.
  • Disconnect jumper cable from negative terminals first, then disconnect second cable from positive terminals.

NOTICE To start the engine, do not use start sprays or similar items.

  • Install the protective cap.
  • Installing battery cover


Maintenance instructions

Correct battery maintenance combined with proper charging and storage procedures extends the battery's service life, and is also required for warranty claims.

Compliance with the points below is important in order to maximize battery life:

  • Keep the surface of the battery clean and dry.
  • Do not open the battery.
  • Do not top up with water.
  • Be sure to read and comply with the instructions for charging the battery on the following pages.
  • Do not turn the battery upside down.

ATTENTION Discharging of the connected battery by the vehicle electronics (e.g. clock)

Total discharge of battery leading to a rejection of warranty claims

  • During riding breaks of more than 4 weeks, connect a trickle-charger to the battery.

NOTICE BMW Motorrad has developed a trickle-charger specially designed for compatibility with the electronics of your motorcycle. Using this charger, you can keep the battery charged during long periods when the motorcycle is not being used without having to disconnect the battery from the motorcycle's onboard systems. Additional information is available at your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

Charging connected battery

ATTENTION Charging the battery connected to the vehicle using the battery terminals

Damage to the motorcycle's electronics

  • Disconnect the battery before charging on the battery terminals.

ATTENTION A fully discharged battery must be charged via a power socket or extra socket.

Damage to vehicle electronics

  • A fully discharged battery (battery voltage less than 12 V, indicator lights and multifunction display remain off when ignition is switched on) must always be charged directly at the poles of the disconnected battery.

ATTENTION Unsuitable chargers connected to the power socket

Damage to charger and vehicle electronics

  • Use suitable BMW chargers. The correct charger is available through your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.


  • Charge disconnected battery via onboard socket.

NOTICE The motorcycle's onboard electronics know when the battery is fully charged. The onboard socket is switched off when this happens.

  • Comply with operating instructions of charger.

NOTICE If you are unable to charge the battery via the onboard socket, you may be using a charger that is not compatible with your motorcycle's electronics. In this case, charge the battery directly from the terminals of the battery disconnected from the vehicle.

Charging disconnected battery

  • Charge battery using a suitable charger.
  • Comply with operating instructions of charger.
  • Once battery is fully charged, disconnect charger's terminal clips from battery terminals.

NOTICE In the case of longer periods when the motorcycle is not being used, the battery must be recharged regularly. See the instructions for caring for your battery. Always fully recharge the battery before returning it to use.

Removing battery

Removing battery

  • Switch off ignition.
  • Remove screw 1.
  • Pull battery cover at top slightly forward at the positions 2.
  • In order not to damage the battery cover and the mount, remove the battery cover upward at position 3.

    with anti-theft alarm system (DWA) OE

  • Switch off anti-theft alarm system if necessary.

Removing battery

  • Release the battery earth lead 1 and rubber strap 2.

Removing battery

  • Pull mounting plate on position 1 outwards and remove it upwards.
  • Lift battery slightly out of holder sufficiently for positive terminal to be accessible.

Removing battery

  • Remove positive battery cable 1 and pull out battery.

Install battery


If the 12-V battery is inserted incorrectly or the terminals reversed (e.g. when jump starting), it can blow the fuse for the alternator regulator.

Install battery

  • Fasten positive battery cable 1.
  • Slide battery into holder.

Install battery

  • First, insert mounting plate into supports 1. Next, press it under the battery at position 2.

Install battery

  • Fasten negative battery cable 1.
  • Fasten battery with rubber strap 2.

Install battery

  • Insert battery cover into mount 1 and press it into mount 2.

Install battery

  • Fit the screw 1.
  • Set clock
  • Set date

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