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  • Raise the rear wheel off the ground with the stand [A].

Wheels (Rims)

  • Loosen the torque link nuts [A] lightly for chain adjuster turn easily.

Wheels (Rims)

  • Remove:
    Rear Caliper Mounting Bolts [A]
    Rear Caliper [B]

Wheels (Rims)

  • For ABS equipped Models, remove the bolt [A], clamp [B] and rear wheel rotation sensor [C].

Wheels (Rims)

  • Loosen the chain adjuster clamp bolts [A] (Both Sides).
  • Turn the chain adjuster [B] to make the chain slack.
  • Remove:
    Retaining Rings [C] (Both Sides)
    Rear Axle Nut [D]

Wheels (Rims)

  • Remove:
    Rear Axle [A] (from Left Side)

Wheels (Rims)

  • Remove the drive chain [A] from the rear sprocket toward the left.
  • Move the rear wheel back and remove it.

NOTICE Do not lay the wheel on the ground with the disc facing down. This can damage or warp the disc.

Place blocks under the wheel so that the disc does not touch the ground.

Wheels (Rims)

Rear Wheel Installation

  • Apply high-temperature grease to the grease seal lips.
  • Fit the collars on the both sides of the hub.

    Left Side Collar [A] ( 40 × 35)
    Right Side Collar [B] ( 44 × 28)

Wheels (Rims)

  • Engage the drive chain with the rear sprocket.
  • Insert the axle from the left side of the wheel.
  • Align the hole of the brake holder with hole of the rear wheel.
  • Install:
    Rear Axle Nut [A]
  • Before tightening the rear axle nut, check that the scale on the left and right adjusters set the same position.
  • Tighten:
    Torque - Rear Axle Nut: 98 N*m (10 kgf*m, 72 ft*lb)
  • Replace the retaining rings [B] with new ones, and install them.

Wheels (Rims)

  • Adjust the drive chain slack after installation (see Drive Chain Slack Inspection in the Periodic Maintenance chapter).
  • Tighten:
    Torque - Torque Link Nuts: 34 N*m (3.5 kgf*m, 25 ft*lb)
  • Install the rear caliper (see Caliper Installation in the Brakes chapter).
  • Check the rear brake effectiveness (see Brake Operation Inspection in the Periodic Maintenance chapter).

WARNING After servicing, it takes several applications of the brake pedal before the brake pads contact the disc, which could result in increased stopping distance and cause an accident resulting in injury or death.

Do not attempt to ride the motorcycle until a firm brake pedal is obtained by pumping the pedal until the pads are against the disc.

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