Yamaha MT-07 - Owner's Manual > Seats

Passenger seat

To remove the passenger seat

1. Insert the key into the seat lock, and then turn it counterclockwise.


  1. Seat lock
  2. Unlock.

2. While holding the key in that position, lift the rear of the passenger seat and pull it backward.

To install the passenger seat

1. Insert the projections on the front of the passenger seat into the seat holders as shown, and then push the rear of the seat down to lock it in place.


  1. Projection
  2. Seat holder

2. Remove the key.

Rider seat

To remove the rider seat

1. Remove the passenger seat, and then remove the hexagon wrench located on the bottom of the seat.


  1. Passenger seat
  2. Hexagon wrench

2. Remove the bolts with the hexagon wrench.


  1. Bolt

3. Lift the seat rearward and up to remove it.

To install the rider seat

1. Fit the slot in the seat onto the projection on the frame cross member as shown, and then place the seat in the original position.


  1. Slot
  2. Projection

2. Install the bolts with the hexagon wrench.

3. Insert the hexagon wrench back into its holder on the passenger seat.

4. Install the passenger seat.


Make sure that the seats are properly secured before riding.

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