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Instrument and control functions

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 Yamaha MT-07 - Owner's Manual > Transporting the Motorcycle

Be sure to observe following instructions before transporting the motorcycle in another vehicle. Remove all loose items from the motorcycle. Check that the fuel cock (if equipped) is in the off position and that there are no fuel leaks. Shift the transmission into gear (for models with a manual transmission). Secure the motorcycle with tie-downs or suitable straps that are attached to solid parts of the motorcycle, such as the frame or upper front fork triple clamp (and not, for example, to rubber-mounted handlebars or turn signals, or parts that could break). Choose the location for the straps carefully so the straps will not rub against painted surfaces during transport. The suspension should be compressed somewhat by the tie-downs, if possible, so that the motorcycle will not bounce excessively during transport.

 Yamaha MT-07 - Owner's Manual > Immobilizer system, Main switch/steering lock

Immobilizer system Code re-registering key (red bow) Standard keys (black bow)