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Fuel meter

  1. Fuel meter

The fuel meter indicates the amount of fuel in the fuel tank. The segments of the fuel meter disappear from "F" (full) towards "E" (empty) as the fuel level decreases. When the last segment of the fuel meter starts flashing, refuel as soon as possible.


The fuel meter is equipped with a self-diagnosis function. If a problem is detected in the fuel meter electrical circuit, the fuel meter will flash repeatedly. If this occurs, have a Yamaha dealer check the vehicle.

Eco indicator

Eco indicator

  1. Eco indicator "ECO"

The eco indicator comes on when the vehicle is being operated in an environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient manner.

The indicator goes off when the vehicle is stopped.


Consider the following tips to reduce fuel consumption:

  • Avoid high engine speeds during acceleration.
  • Travel at a constant speed.
  • Select the transmission gear that is appropriate for the vehicle speed.

Transmission gear display

Transmission gear display

  1. Transmission gear display
  2. Neutral indicator light ""

The transmission gear display shows the selected gear. The neutral position is indicated by "-" and by the neutral indicator light.

Multi-function display

Multi-function display

  1. Multi-function display

The multi-function display is equipped with the following:

  • odometer
  • two tripmeters
  • fuel reserve tripmeter
  • instantaneous fuel consumption
  • average fuel consumption
  • coolant temperature
  • air temperature
  • brightness control mode

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