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Instrument and control functions / Multi-function meter unit

Multi-function meter unit

  1. Left set button
  2. Right set button

Multi-function meter unit

  1. Fuel meter
  2. Clock
  3. Transmission gear display
  4. Eco indicator "ECO"
  5. Speedometer
  6. Tachometer
  7. Multi-function display

The multi-function meter unit is equipped with the following:

  • speedometer
  • tachometer
  • clock
  • fuel meter
  • eco indicator
  • transmission gear display
  • multi-function display


Be sure to stop the vehicle before making any setting changes to the multi-function meter unit. Changing settings while riding can distract the operator and increase the risk of an accident.


  • Except when accessing the brightness control mode or when displaying the clock, the key must be turned to "ON" before you can use the left and right set buttons to adjust the multi-function meter.
  • For the UK: To switch between kilometers and miles, press the left set button for three seconds.


The speedometer shows the vehicle's traveling speed.



  1. Tachometer
  2. Tachometer red zone

The tachometer allows the rider to monitor the engine speed and keep it within the ideal power range.


Do not operate the engine in the tachometer red zone.

Red zone: 10000 r/min and above



  1. Clock

The clock uses a 12-hour time system.

When the main switch is not in the "ON" position, the clock can be viewed for 10 seconds by pushing the left set button.

To set the clock

1. Turn the key to "ON".

2. Push the left set button and right set button together for two seconds.

The hour digits will start flashing.

3. Use the right set button to set the hours.

4. Push the left set button, and the minute digits will start flashing.

5. Use the right set button to set the minutes.

6. Push the left set button and then release it to start the clock.

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