Lexmoto Echo - Owner's Manual > Storage box

  • Do not store valuables in the box.
  • Make sure that the seat has been locked completely after it was pressed down.
  • Take out valuables before washing to avoid wetting these objects.
  • Do not place thermal sensitive objects in the box because of engines heat and high temperature.

Storage box


  • Insert the ignition key (1) into the lock and turn the key to the right.


  • Press down the seat (2) until the lock is engaged.
  • Pull out the ignition key.

    Never leave the key in the storage box.


After the seat is closed check if it was locked firmly.

Maximun load capacity: 10 kg

Luggage hooks

Luggage hooks


Maximum load capacity: 3 kg

Use the hooks (3) only for small baggage pieces.

Fuel, fuel tank


Fuel is highly inflammable and can explode.

Do not smoke or bring a naked flame near the fuel tank.

Fuel expands under the influence of heat and the sun. Therefore, never fill the tank to the brim. Never fill the tank while the engine is running.

Fuel stock, tanking

Fuel stock, tanking


The fuel indicator (1) is active when the ignition is turned on.

The scale with the tank symbol remembers for a tank stop.

E = Empty
F = Full

Don't run down the fuel tank until it is empty.

Filling up with fuel

  • Use only premium lead-free fuel (min.95 octane)

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

  • When the fault light flashes, indicating that the electronic control system failure, please check with the local dealer.

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