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Electrical System / Charging System

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 Kawasaki Z1000SX - Service manual > Precautions

1) No need of topping-up. No topping-up is necessary in this battery until it ends its life under normal use. Forcibly prying off the seal cap to add water is very dangerous. Never do that.

 Kawasaki Z1000SX - Service manual > Alternator Cover Removal

Remove: Left Lower Fairing (see Lower Fairing Removal in the Frame chapter) Support the fuel tank with a suitable bar (see Fuel Tank Removal in the Fuel System (DFI) chapter). Pull up the connector bracket [A]. Remove the alternator lead connector [B] from the bracket. Disconnect the alternator lead connector. Place a suitable container under the alternator cover [A]. Remove: Alternator Cover Bolts [B] Bracket [C] Alternator Cover