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Service information GENERAL NOTICE If the current is kept flowing through the starter motor turn it while the engine is not cranking over, the starter motor may be damaged. The starter motor can be serviced with the engine installed in the frame. Always turn the ignition switch OFF before servicing the starter motor. The motor could suddenly start, causing serious injury. A weak battery may be unable to turn the starter motor quickly enough, or supply adequate ignition current. When servicing the starter system, always follow the steps in the troubleshooting flow chart. For following components information, refer to Lights/Meters/Switches section. Ignition switch Engine stop switch Starter switch Clutch switch Sidestand switch Neutral switch

 Honda CBR650 - Service manual > Service information

GENERAL Bending or twisting the control cable will impair smooth operation and could cause the cables to stick or bind, resulting in loss of vehicle control. Work in a well ventilated area. Smoking or allowing flames or sparks in the work area or where gasoline is stored can cause a fire or explosion. Before disconnecting the fuel feed hose, relieve fuel pressure from the system. Do not snap the throttle valve from full open to full close after the throttle cable has been removed. It may cause incorrect idle operation. Seal the intake port with a piece of tape or a clean cloth to keep dirt and debris from entering the engine after the throttle body has been removed. Do not damage the throttle body. It may cause incorrect throttle valve operation. Prevent dirt and debris from entering the throttle bore and air passages after the throttle body has been removed. Clean them using a compressed air if necessary. Do not loosen or tighten the white painted nut and screw of the throttle body. Loosening or tightening them can cause throttle valve and idle control failure. Do not apply commercially available carburetor cleaners to the inside of the throttle bore. The parts of the throttle body not shown in this manual should not be disassembled. For fuel level sensor inspection. The following color codes are used throughout this section.