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Electrical System / Ignition System

WARNING The ignition system produces extremely high voltage.

Do not touch the spark plug, ignition coil or ignition coil lead while the engine is running, or you could receive a severe electrical shock.

NOTICE Do not disconnect the battery cables or any other electrical connections when the ignition switch is ON, or while the engine is running. This is to prevent ECU damage.

Do not install the battery backwards. The negative side is grounded. This is to prevent damage to the ECU.

Crankshaft Sensor Removal

NOTICE Never drop the sensor, especially on a hard surface.

Such a shock to the sensor can damage it.

  • Remove the right lower fairing (see Lower Fairing Removal in the Frame chapter).
  • Support the fuel tank with a suitable bar (see Fuel Tank Removal in the Fuel System (DFI) chapter).
  • Pull up the connector bracket [A].
  • Remove the rear wheel rotation sensor connector [B] (ABS equipped models) and crankshaft sensor lead connector [C] from the bracket.
  • Disconnect the crankshaft sensor lead connector.

Ignition System

  • Clear the crankshaft sensor lead from the clamps [A].

Ignition System

  • Remove:
    Crankshaft Sensor Cover Bolts [A]
    Crankshaft Sensor Cover [B]

Ignition System

  • Remove:
    Crankshaft Sensor Bolts [A]
    Crankshaft Sensor [B]

Ignition System

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Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the threads of the stator coil bolts and tighten them. Torque - Stator Coil Bolts: 12 N*m (1.2 kgf*m, 106 in*lb) Secure the alternator lead with a holding plate. Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the threads of the plate bolt and tighten it.

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Tighten: Torque - Crankshaft Sensor Bolts: 5.9 N*m (0.60 kgf*m, 52 in*lb) Apply silicone sealant [A] to the crankshaft sensor lead grommet and crankcase halves mating surface on the front and rear sides of the crankshaft sensor cover mount.