Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 - Service manual > Engine Dismantling

Engine / Engine Dismantling


  • Ensure the engine is properly clamped on the holding fixture on a worktable.
  • Ensure the engine is clean and free of any oil residue/dirt. Clean engine with recommended degreasing agents/solvents to remove oil residue/dirt.
  • Ensure worktable is clean and atmosphere is dust free.

Drain Plug

  • Loosen and remove oil filler cap (a) from the crankcase top on the RH side.
  • Use an adjustable plier with soft jaws to unscrew filler cap if necessary.

Engine Dismantling

  • Place a tray under the engine, loosen and remove magnetic drain plug (M14) (a) along with washer (b) from the front end of the oil sump.
  • Allow the engine oil to drain out completely from the engine.

Engine Dismantling

WARNING Do not spill oil. Collect used oil in a seperate container and dispose it through authorized disposal agencies in your locality. Avoid skin OR body contact with the oil. Promptly wash affected area with soap and water.


  • Ensure the engine oil is drained completely.
  • After draining the oil suitably cover the oil filler cap hole to prevent debris AND/OR small components falling into the crankcase.

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Oil Cooler Inlet and Outlet Pipes to Engine Insert bolt union crankcase (M16) (a) along with washers and tighten to specified torque. Tighten bolt (M18) (a) on oil cooler hose (b) by supporting (M16) (c) bolt on top. Tighten oil cooler inlet pipe with 2 Nos. Hex socket screws (M6) (a).

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